my problems and experiences with squirrels.

Every backyard birder knows of the common pest known as the grey squirrel, the long tailed, furry animal with a thing for birdseed. Countless numbers of times I’ve ran outside shouting at these rascals to beat it. Though I love all of God’s creatures, some prove to be difficult! No matter what I do to shield and protect my seed, feeders, and attention from birds, they somehow find a way! When I first bought my feeding station at the local B+Q here in my shire, I had no thoughts of the soon-to-be problem. but then only a day after, I had my first, let’s say, visitor. Just a harmless little squirrel sniffing and snuffling around the ground. Boy was I wrong about that! Before I could blink once, the squirrel was up the pole and snacking on the fat balls. My first tactic?

Greasing the pole.

Let’s just say that failed miserably. Moving on!

My next tactic was Googling homemade squirrel repellent. The ingredients consisted of balsamic vinegar, cayenne pepper, peppermint extract, and a splash of water. This worked for a little while until they gradually got used to the scent.

Time for plan C.

I took to Google and found that putting up brambles and thorns around your feeders would keep squirrels out. So, taking a pair of hedge trimmers, I found as many brambles as I could. Carefully, I tied the brambles to the base of the feeder pole. Again, this worked for a small while, and to my dismay, they found a way! I don’t know how. It really makes me laugh!

Then, one fateful day, I found it. The answer. It was in my cupboard all the while. The answer was cayenne pepper. That’s it. Mixing a few teaspoons into my feed worked! And now, to my great, great joy, the squirrels laid off! They surrendered! I was so happy. (And I’m sorry, but watching squirrels eat the mix and lay off, I did a little victory dance. I was that excited.)

But alas, they STILL eat the mix, even with the chilli pepper mixed in! Even when they knew there would be a consequence! Jeez.

My friends, when attempting to get rid of squirrels without bloodshed, there is one thing I learned from this. It’s that I am ordering a squirrel baffle online. Right. Now. Trust me, when in doubt, get a squirrel baffle.

It’s the only answer.






5 thoughts on “my problems and experiences with squirrels.

  1. My initial tactic for squirrels was quite simply to place a larger cage around the existing feeder. Silly me. They soon managed to find a way of contorting their bodies so that they could fit through and reach the feed on the inside. Was I surprised? Not really.

    Don’t even get me started on the parakeets…


    1. the mysterious ways of squirrels. Honestly, it really bothers me how they solve every problem they face, no matter how stupid and impossible it is.
      I had a few parakeets when I lived in Hawaii, but they were very rare visitors.


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