3 reasons birding is an awesome pastime

So, in all my years of birding, lots of people have asked me, ‘why birds?’ or, ‘what’s the point?’. Here’s the deal:

  1. Birds are everywhere, even in the busiest cities and towns you can find birdlife around every corner. For example, New York City is crawling with raptors, such as Red-tailed Hawk and Peregrine Falcon. Central Park in the autumn is a haven for songbirds such as warblers.
  2. Birding does not require a ton of knowledge, and all you really need is a good guide and a pair of binoculars. Once you really get into it, you start to recognise birds without having to flip through a guide book every time.
  3. There are is a huge community of great people that comes with birds and birding. I have met so many passionate people in my little community alone who enjoy birding as much as I do. There are events that take place yearly, or even monthly that are welcome to birders young and old. There may be one taking place near you soon!

If your’e new to birding, and you’re reading this now, grab your binos and get out there!





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